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café au lit « homestory » : a different experience of art

café au lit "homestory" is an open space to showcase contemporary art on 110 sqm at the 18th and last floor of an building at Place des fêtes, in the heart of eastern Paris' dynamic art scene. café au lit "homestory" lets you discover young emerging international artists during its exhibitions held twice a year. Especially produced on site, one artwork is made to stay – the apartment will be "filled up" with artpieces. During the openings, soirées and discussion-events, the apartment changes into a public space. The rest of the time, the exhibitions are accessible .

Keen on Art

Dieter Roth:
Hase aus Hasendreck

café au lit combines the three basic elements of experiencing contemporary art: temporality, sociability and intimacy. The name of the project is a play on the familiar "café au lait" and the colloquial French phrase "qu'a fait au lit?" - who wet the bed? Hence, the project name recalls the first association of the self with the object, recognized since Freud's Psychoanalysis as the fundamental experience of creative work: "I did it! I made that!" It is in this spirit that café au lit wishes to make the enjoyment of the art experience possible.