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Emerging contemporary artwork, in particular photographic and in situ-work, will be exhibited in the apartment of café au lit. When selecting artists, special importance is attached to internationality. Most are from France or Germany.

Barbara Breitenfellner

Barbara Breitenfellner:
Sans Titre (Anitta)
serigraph on magazine-page
collection Jean Mairet

The first exhibition in the new space and the first artwork made especially for "café au lit homestory" is realized by Berlin based artist Barbara Breitenfellner. Staging hidden images brings the born Austrian close to the art of her teacher Douglas Gordon, once her professor at Glasgow School of Art. Where he is working on the picture-remains of cinema after its "death", she is treating its image-germs. The spatial arrangements of her installations are creating an abyssal mood, a kind of existential presence, like in dreams. "And with the control of purple paint, or blown up images used as wallpaper, she creates different layers of signification and builds up obsessive atmospheres. [...] Like her installations, her printed works are based on found objects and materials (e.g. pages from books) on which she has printed etchings taken from 19th century dictionaries' illustrations or tattoo magazines, and dots resulting from the enlargement of images printed in newspapers. Again, it is in the bizarre signification, the non-logical links, the uncanniness of the mental collage that those prints find their raison d'être, more than in an obvious explanation or too direct "beautiful logic"." (Thibaut de Ruyter)

Solo Exhibitions
»Traum einer großen Ausstellung ...«, Autocenter, Berlin

»Schöne Logik II«, Space Invasion, Vienna
»Schöne Logik«, Capri, Berlin
»Opinions informes«, Betonsalon, Paris
»We should have occupied every place«, 9bis, Saint-Etienne

»Instruments of Attraction«, Galerie 5020, Salzburg

»Schemablock: Recording Blanks«, Flur, Berlin

»Film (non-réalisé)«, Bureau d'Art et de Recherche, Roubaix (Kat.)

Group Exhibitions
»Barbara Breitenfellner / Isabel Ott«, WestGermany, Berlin
»Weniger Geld, mehr Liebe«, tmp deluxe, Berlin

»Steady State«, tmp, Berlin
»Nur den Pferden gibt man den Gnadenschuss«, Pferdeställe im Postfuhramt, Berlin
»Lucid Fairytale«, Transpalette, Bourges

»Eléonore de Montesquiou / Barbara Breitenfellner«, Galerie Zürcher, Paris
»Investigating EVP«, Resonance 104.4fm, London

»Das Böse«, Guardini Galerie, Berlin
»Goldrausch«, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin (Kat.)

»Women Men Children«, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

> Presentation Barbara Breitenfellner - Installations (pdf 5 MB)
> Presentation Barbara Breitenfellner - Collages (pdf 2,5 MB)
> Presentation Barbara Breitenfellner (pdf 0,3 MB)

Linda McCue

Linda McCue:
Artist and Pie
36 x 51 cm
pencil, watercolour on paper

For the fifth and final exhibition before the planned expansion and alteration of our project, café au lit has invited the Hamburg-based Canadian artist Linda McCue to intervene with the space in the rue de la Liberté. McCue's drawings, gouaches and paintings take familiar codes of images and place them in newly defined pictorial spaces. In doing so, displacements and irritations result, always alluding back to the very qualities of imagery itself. "Meticulously drawn still lifes, in which pictures of architecture appear with more or less exotic objects [...] detailed coloured drawings of interiors with Rococo furnishings, in which pointed stylistic incongruities turn up [...] McCue thus holds the representative character of her pictures in the balance, defines the pictorial space through precisely arranged contradictions - and describes it anew." (Jens Asthoff, Liber Oppositorum, 2006) In her recent series, McCue has increasingly addressed interiors and in doing so, has thematically incorporated the pictorial space. Going out from this work, she will intervene in Café au lit with a combined wall drawing and painting installation. A selection of recent drawings will also be shown. Linda McCue, born 1964 in Toronto, has lived since 1992 in Hamburg, where she finished her studies at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in the Werner Büttner class. She has travelled extensively, in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Vietnam and Hong Kong, India, and Morocco et al. She has received, among others, the Hubertus Wald Grant (2000) and the Hans-Günter Baass Studio Grant (2002 - 04).

Aus fremder Haut ist gut Riemen schneiden (Teil II), trottoir, Hamburg

Book of Opposites, Galerie Hübner, Frankfurt a.M. (Einzelausstellung)
My Private Idaho, büro für kunst, Dresden
Der Himmel ist schön, Galerie im Prater, Walden Kunstausstellung, Berlin

Three in One, büro für kunst, Dresden (Einzelausstellung)
Jäger, Sammler, Maler - Zeitgenössische Positionen aus Hamburg, Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof
Einblicke - Positionen zeitgenössisches Kunst aus der Sammlung Karin und Erich Wagner, art agents gallery, Hamburg

Extra/Air Con/Deluxe, art agents, Hamburg (Einzelausstellung)
Holzschnitzerei, Kunst und Skizzenbuch, trottoir, Hamburg (Einzelausstellung)
3+, Galerie Hübner, Frankfurt a.M.
Index 03, Kunsthaus Hamburg (Katalog)

Liber Oppositorum, Revolver Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2006
Linda McCue, hg. v. der Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, 2001
Luna Park Scotland, hg. v. den Künstlerhäusern Worpswede, 2000

> Presentation Linda McCue (pdf 0,9MB)

Gabriele Basch

Gabriele Basch:
Ornament. 1998,
Kunsthalle Passagen Linköping, Sweden

After Jochen Lempert, Corina Bezzola and Stéphane Belzère, café au lit is pleased to present beginning with 13.9.2006 its fourth exhibition, the work of Berlin based artist Gabriele Basch. To get informed about the opening date please subscribe to our newsletter. In addition to her painted canvasses, Basch creates cut paper pieces and wall drawings that expand the gallery into an exuberant, imaginative space. While Basch's work may appear as permeated with peaceful memories as a lace-edged handkerchief, something dark and ambivalent lurks behind the promise of happiness, enticing the viewer down a winding path. Numerous exhibitions and exhibition involvement in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, and Italy. Awards, academic appointments, and grants – most recently a residency at Villa Massimo awarded by the Deutsche Akademie Rom in 2005.

"LUSTDUST – Das Ende vom Lied", Galerie Haus Schneider,
Karlsruhe (solo exhibition with W. Kaiser)
"fischen", Galerie M&R Fricke, Düsseldorf (solo exhibition)
"HIC SUNT LEONES", until april 30, Galleri Thomassen, Gothenburg, Sweden
"Problems on the way to the modern world",
Galerie Kamm, Berlin (group show)

Residency, Deutsche Akademie Rom at Villa Massimo, Rome, Italy
"LINC", Temple Gallery, Rome (with Alfredo Pirri) (solo exhibition)
"Trip", Galerie Kamm, Berlin (se)
"Hinterland", Villa Massimo, Rome

Foreign Exchange Fellowship of the Berlin Senate to Istanbul, Turkey
"Park", Birner + Wittmann Galerie, Nuremberg (se)
Galerie M.& R. Fricke, Dusseldorf (se)
"Take Care", Columbus Artfoundation, Kunsthaus Hamburg
"B2B", Laura Mars GRP, Berlin

"Weiss", Galerie Kamm, Berlin (se)
"Blindsight", Kunstmuseum Rättvik, Sweden (se)
"System Leben", Binz 39, Zurich
"Cut out", Galerie Barbara Groß, Munich (with J. Lambie et al.)

"Beat", Gabriele Basch, 2005, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nuremberg;
"kunststadtraum, 21 Kunstprojekte im Berliner Stadtraum", 2002, Berlin;
Magazin "04", (Take Care), 2004, Ravensburg;
Zwischenspiel III, "Nach der Natur", 2002, Berlin;
"Who Killed Bambi?", 2001, Berlin; "veidas", Sioulaikinio meno centras, 2000, Vilnius, Lithuania

> Presentation Gabriele Basch (pdf 5MB)

Corina Bezzola

Corina Bezzola:
Christophe Pillet, 2004

Following Hamburg photographer Jochen Lempert, café au lit will present the artwork of Basel-based artist Corina Bezzola. Bezzola studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna. Since 1996 she has won several awards, including a grant from the Christoph Merian Foundation and a residency at the Cité des Arts, Paris.
While working with monochrome paintings, Bezzola discovered the aesthetic significance of adhesive tape. Her recent work is performance-based: armed with tape, Bezzola explores private homes and artists' studios, isolating individual and normally overlooked characteristics of the space. Her photographs are both a documentation of her explorations and a reconstruction of the physical spaces she explores. Recent exhibitions and publications include:

Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern (personal exhibition)

Alpineum minimale, Alpineum Produzentengalerie, Luzern
Regionale 10, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
Kunstkredit-wall installation, Kunsthaus Muttenz, Muttenz
ever look back, café au lit, Paris
choice, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel

substitut, Berlin
play music, Templinerstrasse 10, Berlin (personal exhibition)

Regionale 8, Museé des Beaux-Arts, Mulhouse
Regionale 8, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal
Numaga Gallery, Colombier

Regionale 6, Basel (images)
Numaga Gallery, Colombier (with Young-Sé Lee) (personal exhibition)

winner of the Bale's Kunstverein travel-prize Regionale 06, Bale's Kunsthalle
Transfer Koffer, Galerie Prisma, Bozen (Italy)

Format 04, Akzent, Basle (personal exhibition)
Grandprix, Kunsthalle / Foyer Stadtkino, Basle
Inzwischen, Kaskadenkondensator, Warthek-Areal, Basle
Grandprix, Enter, Museum of Art, Thun

Panneaux, Numaga Gallery, Colombier (with Paolo Iacchetti) (pe)
Salon, Café au lit, Paris (pe)
Regionale 2003, Klingental's exhibition space, Basle
Grandprix, Graphical collection ETA, Zurich
Ernte, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal

Die Ästhetik der Adhäsion, portrait of the artist, in: Kunst-Bulletin 11/05
Report, in: transversale No. 1, Munich 2005
scetches 15, Federal committee for graphic art ver.di., Berlin, 04/2004
grand-prix, Ursula Sinnreich, Basle, 2003
Young Bundner photography, Museum of Art, Chur 2002
Femmes Suisses, portrait, Geneva, 1998

> Presentation Corina Bezzola (pdf 3,3MB)

Jochen Lempert

Jochen Lempert:
Der Schwarm / la nuée / the swarm

As its premier exhibition café au lit is showing the most recent work of Hamburg's Jochen Lempert. In the exhibition, titled "Der Schwarm / la nuée / The Swarm," Lempert presents photographs of flocks of birds. Viewing the work gives rise to questions regarding patterns and their aesthetic. Similarly, the traveler can pose questions about his or her own patterns of movement within café au lit. Lempert was born in 1958 and studied biology in Bonn. Since 1990 he has devoted himself to photography. He lives and works in Hamburg as a visual artist. Recent exhibitions and publications include:

"foreign birds", Galerie Nomadenoase@Fortescue Avenue, London (solo)
Peter Piller / Jochen Lempert: "Phänotypologie", Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart
>Tiere die in Städten leben<, FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg
>kurzdavordanach<, Die Photographische Sammlung / SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln

All Creatures Great and Small, Salon D'Art, Köln
Recherche - entdeckt! 6. Foto-Triennale Esslingen
Ex-In, Fotohof, Salzburg; Galeria Maeght, Barcelona
Fisionomies, Galería Projecte SD, Barcelona
Martha, Sabine Schmidt Galerie, Köln (solo)
definitively provisional, Appendiks, Kopenhagen

Zeitgenössische Deutsche Fotografie, Museum Folkwang, Essen
Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; Arsenals, Riga
Feldforschung, Galerie für Landschaftskunst, Hamburger Kunsthalle
365 quadres sobre historia natural, ProjecteSD, Barcelona (solo)
Harakiri Bay, Kunsthaus Hamburg

Selected publications
Schwärme, in: transversale Nr 1, München 2005; 365 Tafeln zur Naturgeschichte, Bonner Kunstverein (Hrsg.), Bonn 1997; Natürliche Ressourcen, Comtainment, Köln; Physiognomische Versuche, hg. v. Reiner Speck, Köln 2002.

> Presentation Jochen Lempert (in german language) (pdf 3,4MB)